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Increase Cutting Tool Performance Novatech, Inc.
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Product News

Novatech is expanding its product line to incorporate machine tools accessories such as Tool Holding and Work piece Holding manufactured by Marquart in Germany. We have also added unique bore sizing solutions manufactured by Schlafli in Switzerland

Jig Grinding On A Machining Center
Turn any milling machine into a jig grinder
Mega-Point has added exciting accessories
Zoom lens, double sided wheels, new collets for 1-6 mm 
Meteor High Precision Tool & Drill Grinding Center
The ONLY drill grinder that resharpens dia. .007 - 1/2" drill points and micro cutting tools with highest precision
Mega-Point Optical Drill Point Grinder - Improved!
Grind and inspect your drill point in one setup.  Drill point range 0.040" - 1.181". Check our technical specifications.

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Press Releases

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General News

We have introduced Novatech Financial Services which allows you to calculate and submit an application instantly and secure! You can also download an application and submit it via .


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Phone 480.991.9445

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