Spiral Grinding Fixture

Setup a helix in no time

February 09, 2002

Scottsdale The UFS 155 Infinite Spiral Grinding Device from Novatech for the manual grinding of helical fluted tools may be retrofitted to any tool and cutter grinder. It provides backlash-free helical grinding up to 6.1 in of stroke, at any helix angle, left- or right-hand. The device permits grinding the radial rake and peripheral angles , as well as the ends, in one chucking.

Preloaded ball bearings facilitate the radial and axial motion of the workpiece spindle. The radial infeed micro adjustment is independent of the infinitely variable helix angel adjustment. A24-position indexing plate is standard, with 360 adjustable calibrating scale. A variety of accessories and tool adapters are available.

For More Information Contact:

Novatech, Inc.
15895 North 77th Street
Tel: +1 480-991-9445
: +1 480-991-9465

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