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TGC Machine Image
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TGC - High Precision Tool Grinding Center
The TGC is a Tool Grinding Center built for the manufacturing of high precision tools. The 4 or 5 grinding spindles can take up to 3 grinding wheels each. The possibility to have up to 15 grinding wheel at your disposal, allows for flexibility and a guarantee to make any kind of tool in one working process. The machine shows all its quality in the micro tooling, where it's able to make tools with a diameter less than 0.04 mm.  A special hydrostatic system for the axis movement allows for a very precise positioning, with a backlash equal or less then 0.0004 mm / 0.0000157" and a longer lasting life compared to the classic elements of competitive machines. The particular kinematics,  unusual for grinding machines, allows for a large working flexibility

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