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TGC Descriptions
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TGC Descriptions
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Product Descriptions  

The Kinematics is made by two moving groups built on a cast iron base plate. The plate is isolated from the base by shock-absorbers. All mechanical parts are traverse by an oil flux, which keeps a constant temperature. This kind of construction allows for constant temperature base, which is absolutely necessary to allow the precision grade requested by our customers. The grinding group, which includes Y, W and A axes. The A axis is used to indexing the 5 grinding spindles. The spindle group tool holder, which includes X, Z, V and U axes. The W axis is used to tilting the grinding wheel and it exists only on the TGC 6 axes version.
  Work-Piece clamping unit
The work-piece spindle is defined by the technical specifications of the customer. It is possible to use several tool grinding holders on the same TGC. The replacement of the tool grinding holder can be easily and quickly carried out. Several clamping systems are available for the use of collets W20 or W25, as well as hydraulic clamping type.  Depending on the applications, this unit can be used as interpolating axis in the case of realization of flutes or relieves and as a cylindrical grinding spindle.


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