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TGC Specifications
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Linear axes slide
Longitudinal slide traverse (X Axis) 250 mm
Cross slide traverse (Y Axis) 250 mm
Vertica slide traverse (Z Axis) 150 mm
Rotational axis slide
Rotation griding wheel holder (W Axis) 40
Rotation clamping unit support (V Axis) 240
Rotational axis
Rotation clamping unit (U Axis) continuous
U axis in spindle mode 0 - 2500 rpm
Feed rates speed
Linear axis (X,Y,Z) 3 m/min
Rotational axis tool grinding holder (V Axis) 10'000 /min
Rotational axis grinding wheel support (W Axis) 1000 /min
Rotational axis work piece (U Axis) 36'000 /min
Minimum increment
Linear axis (X,Y,Z) 0.0001 mm
Rotational axis (U,V,W) 0.0001
Linear axis (X,Y,Z) +/- 0.001 mm
Rotational axis (V,W) +/- 0.001
Rotational axis (U) +/- 0.002
Revolver head and spindles
No. of Spindles 4 (5)
Spindle motor power 3.7 KW
Spindle motor speed 0 - 12'000 rpm
Number of grinding wheels per spindle 3
Automatic wheel change time 3 sec
Tool grinding holder
Hydraulic operated collet W20 (W25)
Clamping diameter 14.5 (19.5) mm
Clamping length 300 (400) mm
Alternative clamping system on request
Tool diameter 0.02 - 14 mm
Resharpen diameter 3 - 25 mm
Machining length max. 150 mm
TGC-F Model GE-Fanuc 300i-MA
TGC-N Model NUM Axium Power
Dimensions and Weight
W 2'900 mm
D 1'600 mm
H 2'200 mm

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