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Increase Cutting Tool Performance Novatech, Inc.
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Capacity: Inch Metric
Swing over table 10' 250mm
Distance betweencenters 27-1/2" 700mm
Distance between tailstock
& workhead 22-3/4" 580mm
Taper hole in workhead spindle one end ASA No.50
other end M.T. No.5 or
B & S No. 12 (Specify by order)

T-Slot (number & size) one0.565" 14.30mm +0.05mm
0.563" 14.30mm -0.00mm

Working surface 5-5/16' x 37" 135x940mm
Grinding wheel spindle rpm 2600,3700,6200
Grinding wheel spindle motor 1 HP 0.75kw


Range of movement: Inch Metric
Longitudinal movement of table  16" 400mm
Cross movement of saddle  10" 250mm
Graduation for table swivel movement  +60o

Table graduation on end, for taper of  10O
Vertical movement of wheel head  10" 250mm
Wheel head tilts 15o
Wheel head swivels  360o
From wheel spindle center
to top of table max.12" 300mm
min.2" 50mm
From wheel spindle center
to T-slot center max.16-1/2" 415mm
  min.6-1/2" 165mm
Required floor space 61 x 68-1/2" 1550 x 1735mm
Net weight of machine  2560 lbs.  1160 kgs.
Dimension of Packing case 1460 x 1460 x 1510mm

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