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Grinding Examples
Grinding Examples
Grind a Drill in 60 Seconds!
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Grinding Examples

Four facet grind with web thinning according to DIN 1412 Less in-feed required due to shortening of chisel edge.

Six facet grind according to DIN 1412 D for cast iron. Longer life-time due to extension of  the major cutting edge.

Corrected major cutting edge according to DIN 1412 B for hard brass and steels.
Four facet with split point according to DIN 1412 D for increased chip flow.
Four facet parabolic point for special deep hole drill, e.g. Gühring GT 100, Stock V 70.
Flat bottom drill.
Left-hand cutting drill.
Three-lipped solid carbide drill.
Boring tool for through-holes.
Boring tool for blind holes.    

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