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Model FC200D

Model FC500D

PCD & PCBN Tool Grinders - Catalog for Model FC200D & FC500D

Model FC-200D polycrystalline tool grinder with standard equipment


Model FC-500D polycrystalline tool grinder with standard equipment
with vertical wheel travel and increased travel and oscillation


Standard equipment:
Pneumatic Brake for work head pivot lock
Video optical system with 15-120x zoom and 12 inch monitor
Two (2) halogen machine lamps
53 gallon flood coolant system with paper roll filter and (2) 5 micron cartridge filters
3 HP variable speed (500-4000 rpm) grinding spindle
Motorized controls for setting oscillation stroke length and position (FC-200D only)
Variable grinding force (0-450 N)
2-axis digital readout for infeed (.00005/.OOlmm increments) and angle (0.05 degrees increments)
Variable speed oscillation (0-50 strokes/mm)
Grinding wheel adapter
Solid quick-clamping fixture and work piece holders for 1/2, 5/8, 314, 1 & 1-1/4 square shanks
Hex key set and (3) open-end wrenches
Set of (7) leveling bolts and pads
Central lubrication system (manual)
Instruction and parts manual
Two (2) days at your facility for setup and training by Rush Machinery personnel
One-year limited warranty




Optional equipment:


Brake truing device with offset bracket to mount in quick-clamping fixture


Power assisted brake truing device with mounting brackes and controls (For model FC-500D only)  

Quick-clamping fixture with 360 degrees rotation and inclines -20 to +20 deg. in two planes. Includes , 5/8, 3/4 and 1 square work piece holders


Round tool grinding attachment with #40 taper spindle and fine adjustment of angle. Comes with 24-position index plate and removable tail center: (For Model FC- 5000 only). Other tapers available upon request.


Round tool grinding attachment with 0-60 rpm variable speed drive and 24-position index plate. Comes with (23) ER40 collets to hold from 3mm (1/8) to 26mm (1) shank sizes:


Additional grinding wheel adapters:

Spare bulb for halogen lamp:


Spare paper filter roll, 165ft. long:

(2) Spare cartridge filters (one set): t


Prices are quoted F. 0. B. Rushville, NY, and are subject to change without notice


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