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Cuoghi Drill Grinder
Bitmaster Drill Grinder
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              Economical Drill-, Brad Point & Router Bit Grinder

The TDR/SRD family of drill grinders is exclusively U.S. designed and manufactured. Each offers a combination of speed, convenience, precision and versatility unmatched by machines many times their price. The "Cone Grinding Method" allows radial relief on all tools. The TDR's proprietary, self-dressing wheels operate dry, yet protect tools from burning. Web thinning is standard and requires no special attachments.

TDR/SRD grinders are simple to learn, simple to use, and simple to maintain. It's why we say they're simply the best.

  • Sharpens drills in less than 60 seconds.

  • Adjusts automatically between drill sizes.

  • Simple to learn - simple to operate.

  • Increases productivity.

  TDR 87W Bitmaster Brochure      TDR 87W Bitmaster Price List
TDR/SRD Summary Brochure    TDR/SRD Summary Price List

Sharpens standard drills, center drills and L.H. drills. Quick web thinning. Rugged construction. Always ready to be used. Known as a true workhorse!

  • Right-hand drills 1/16"-13/16"
  • Left-hand drill option 1/16"-1/2"

Same advantages as 80-M basic unit plus additional features for splitting points on standard or parabolic drills. Expandable features include tap and reamer resharpening using our 5C collet holder + indexing finger, your 5C collets

  • Right-hand drills 1/16"-13/16"

  • Left-hand drill option 1/16"-1/2"

  • Point splitting option 1/8"-1/2"

  • Tap-reamer option taps # 10-3/4" reamers 1/8"-3/4"



Sharpens drills from 1/16" to 1-1/2" with TDR ease, convenience and versatility. Two chucks serve the full drill range. Converts easily for taps, reamers, parabolic drills, and end mills. Radial relief will achieve primary and secondary relief in a single setting on most endmills. Options include:

  • Parabolic drills to 3/4"
  • Point splitting to 3/4"
  • Taps #10 to 1" chamfer only
  • Reamers 1/8", chamfer only
  • Endmills 3/16" to 1", face only
  • Attachment for left hand drills
  • Diamond wheels for carbides
TDR 87W Bitmaster


Price List

Price List


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