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Benefits of Leasing
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Benefits of Leasing

Low Monthly Payments:

Comprehensive market and product knowledge combined with extensive funds and streamlined processing enable us to offer various programs with low monthly payments.

Guard Against Inflation:

Leasing allows the use of equipment at today's cost, while meeting leasing payments with  tomorrow's inflated dollars. A lessor can protect itself from inflationary trends and pass this protection to a lessee in the form of long-term, equal lease payments.

Releases Working Capital:

Leasing assets instead of purchasing them, frees working capital for use where it will produce the best return.

Preserves Credit Lines:

Leasing capital equipment leaves existing credit lines untapped, maintaining access to funds for short-term needs and other more productive uses.

100% Financing:

Leasing provides 100% financing which may include shipping and installation costs, while a typical loan requires an initial downpayment

On or Off Balance Sheet Financing:

A lease can be structured to appear either "on" or "off" the balance sheet for financial accounting purposes. The choice depends on the accounting objectives of the lessee, and other cost trade-off that the lessee is willing to make to achieve such objectives

100% Tax Deductible:

Many lease agreements allow you to build equity and gain tax deductions at the same time. In addition, lease payments are not subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Simplifies Bookkeeping:

One invoice and one check each month enables customers to keep separate records of interest and depreciation, thus eliminating extra accounting work.

Overcome Budget Restrictions:

Minimum cash outlay plus modest payments enable lessees to fit lease payments into the tightest budgets. Leasing makes it possible to obtain equipment needed, when needed.


We can arrange financing ranging in terms from 1-7 years depending on equipment type while providing a variety of leasing programs and payment structures.

Less Capital Outlay:

Today's financial managers understand that profits are derived from the use of the equipment and not ownership. Customers pay for the equipment's use with pre-tax income.

"State of Art" Equipment:

Through leasing, the use of needed equipment can be obtained while shifting the risk of obsolescence to the lessor. Lessees can also enjoy the use of the most technically advanced equipment through the convenience of periodic equipment replacement without the usual purchase and trade-in hassles.


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