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Increase Cutting Tool Performance Novatech, Inc.
Grind a Drill in 60 Seconds!
Grinding Examples
Grind a Drill in 60 Seconds!
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It only takes 60 seconds to a perfect drill point!

10 Seconds

1. Clamping the drill
Double tapered collets with extended
clamping surface guarantee high
20 Seconds

2. Move drill to the sapphire glass and
line up the cutting edge on the
Optional 14- and 20 power lenses
allow for setting up smaller drills

30 Seconds

3. Grind cutting and clearance angle on
first cutting edge.

40 Seconds

4. Grind cutting and clearance angle on
second cutting edge.
Cutting angles are infinitely adjustable.
Point angle of 80 - 150 degrees.
For flat bottom drills 180 degrees.
Cutting angle of 0 - 40 degrees.

50 Seconds

5. Point splitting in the same chucking.
The various setting options of the
point splitting attachment allow for an
almost unlimited variety of point
splitting and web thinning operations.
60 Seconds

6. Optically check the grind on the
projection screen.
The perfect grind can be checked on
the optical projection screen with
desired magnification

Samples of drill points ground on the Mega Point


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