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Increase Cutting Tool Performance Novatech, Inc.
Novamatic 2000 5-axis CNC specifications
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Product Summary


The main advantage of this newly patented and built tool grinder is the circular rotating table integrated into the machine base. Connected directly to the Harmonic Drive Gear it delivers utmost precision and rigidity. The axes layout allows for very short approaches, thus decreasing cycle times tremendously.

Key Features

  • Kinematics
    The axes layout is arranged optimally to allow for a lot of free and unrestricted movements. This relates to easier and less expensive software application development.
  • HSK50 Grinding Wheel Spindle
    Modern HSK50 taper grinding wheel arbor is used as a quick change system. With HSK, the grinding wheel Pak is precisely re-positioned and locked every time.

Increasing cutting tool performance

An absolute necessity in today's manufacturing environment. Double and triple your amount of cuts or parts production by guaranteeing perfect tool geometry every time you regrind.

No programming required

Easy, menu driven software takes control over generating NC-Code file for the CNC. The operator is greatly assisted in regrinding cutting tools by following various tool examples.

Affordable regrinding

Novamatic has been designed and built with one important factor in mind - ECONOMY! Economy without scarifying accuracy makes regrinding truly affordable.


Standard Equipment:

Linear Axes -X,Y and Z Axes

Preloaded linear guides
AC Servo motors
Precision ballscrews.
Smallest increments 0.00004"
Accelerated feed rate 540"/15m min.
X Axis Longitudinal 11."/300 mm
Y Axis Transverse 9.84"/250 mm
Z Axis Vertical 6.7"/170 mm

Rotary Axes - C and B Axes

AC Servo motors
Smallest increment 0.0001°
C Axis - Workhead, backlash free worm gear transmission 40 RPM
B Axis - Grinding spindle turntable, Harmonic drive gear 160° /sec
C Axis rotation 360°
B Axis rotation 210°


Spindle nose ANSI / ISO 40 taper
Optional ANSI/ISO 50 or HSK50
Center Height 5.9"/ 150 mm

Grinding Head

Variable speed frequency, direct drive integrated with the CNC Control system.
Output 4.4 kW
High precision motorized grinding spindle mounted on the rotary B Axis.
Spindle Speeds - infinitely variable 0 - 9000 RPM
Spindle nose size HSK 50
Grinding wheel maximum diameters 6"
Grinding wheels per mount 1 - 3
Grinding wheel bore diameter 20 mm


Maximum tool diameter 4.33"/110 mm

Maximum length 9.84"/250 mm
Maximum length when grinding in on chucking 8.6"/220 mm
Helix angles 90° R.H. & L.H.
Grinding from solid in one pass, max. diameter 5/8"/ 16 mm


Removable enclosure on wheels for easy maintenance of machine
Integrated coolant system
Mist collector interface
Pressure escape gate

Coolant system

Filter paper system with easy front and back access
130 liter / 34 gallons capacity
Coolant pump 4.5 bar / 65 psi
Interface to hook up to external or central coolant units

Electrical Cabinet / CNC control

Complies with CE standards
Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery.
Built in refrigeration unit for constant temperature.
Grinding wheel spindle load meter.
Feed rate override potentiometer 0% to 120%.
Electronic hand wheel, switchable between 0.001 and 0.01 mm increment
VGA color monitor, 14", high resolution
Full Qwerty industrial keyboard (IP65)
RS-232 Serial port interface.
PC - Control System:
Processor Pentium 100 MHz
Hard drive 635 MB
Floppy drive 3.5" 1.44 MB
Graphics board VGA, 1 MB
Shell Windows 3.11
Interface 1 parallel, 2 serial
Programmable Multi-Axis Controller PMAC (Delt Tau Data Systems)
Digital signal processor Motorola DSP 56001, 40 MHz
Maximum axes 8
Interpolation linear & circular
Programmable Logic Control built in
DAC’s output for motor control 16 Bit


Customer specified incoming voltage 208/480V AC 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Control voltage 24V


Error code diagnostics.
Programming of different tools during grinding cycle
Complete editing capabilities.
All machine movements displayed on the CRT.
Select off-line programming software to regrind and produce cutting tools in one chucking.


Complies with EC Machinery Safety Directive - 89/392/EEC.
Machine enclosure fitted with sliding front door.
Electrical interlocking of sliding front door during machining cycles.
Access panels to allow for ease of maintenance.
Water tight lighting fixtures for the illumination of the work area.
Auto-lubrication system.
Standard color for machine and electrical cabinet - RAL 5009 azure blue
Machine operation and programming manual
Electric diagram, Parts list

*All prices & specifications subject to change without notice.

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